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Hi everyone. Thanks for checking out my site. I am a Singaporean that’s into cycling and Oakley’s. (plus photography and education but I’ll update more of that when I have time or you can check out my company eduKate Singapore at this website These Oakley’s are genuine items from my ever expanding collection and are checked by me personally so quality is definitely top-notch.

I started wearing my first Oakley’s 20 years back and still enjoy the awesome quality of protection offered by their products. Over the years, Oakley has expanded its line to cater to every sport and every lifestyle activity, constantly improving their technology and safety. I can safely say Oakley’s are on a different planet just right now in terms of the sheer quality and technology packed into such a small package.

And more often than not, its what you don’t see that makes the difference. You don’t see how it can protect your eyes if you are on a trail and rocks or bits fly at you. You don’t see how it absorbs 100% UV and silently keeps those nasty rays from reaching your eyes. You don’t see how it just seem to disappear when you are fully concentrating on your activites, never a need to acknowledge it even exists in front of your eyes because its so comfortable, snug and lightweight.

Frame shapes are important to sit comfortably on your face for all day comfort, and lens selection is important for the type of lighting conditions that you will be using the Oakley’s in.

And, if you are a cyclist like me and starts cycling before daybreaks, a photochromic lens is optimum as a sunrise from darkness changes lighting condition dramatically, and those photochromic lenses automatically darkens for you, for you don’t have to stop, swap it out for a dark lens, lose focus on your ride and start fiddling away.  Everyone knows how dangerous it is to be cycling on the roads and not have your full focus, the last thing you need is to struggle with a lens change just so you can see better.

Or if you are into watersports like sailing or fishing, a set of polarized lenses cuts out glare tremendously and increases your eye comfort or ability to see clearer even if against the sun. Also, there’s plenty of other lenses available that creates depth perception for golfers, or contrast perception for drivers or shooters.

A well protected and comfortable eye lowers the stress levels in your eyeryday activities which means you can go on for longer without fatigue setting in. Add to that superb pin sharp distortion-free vision, you will never miss anything, increasing your responsiveness and hand-eye coordination to every situation. If performance and safety is your necessity, Oakley’s makes a whole lot of sense.

Do arrange with me a session to try out different frames and lenses to get the best fit for your specific use, especially the Oakley sport models, before committing to a purchase. I have trial Oakley frames and lenses just for this (my personal set). Also, checking out my set of Oakley means you are assured that you will be getting a virgin new frame and lens fresh out of the box. If you are a new buyer and about to use Oakley’s for seriously extreme activities, I can help you get outfitted with the right lenses and frames for the optimum combo from the vast array of choices available. And for me, it just got to be perfect for you. And being perfect is what makes you, you.

Drop me an email at or sms +65 91811929 (Singapore) if you have any queries, or if you are looking for Oakley’s other than those I currently have available.

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Teo Soke Mun says:

    Hi, do you have the yellow & black frame live strong series. It can be radar path or half flake

    1. EnSEM! says:

      Hi. Yes I can ask the US warehouse to see if those are still available. Can you SMS me? 91811929

  2. Hi there,
    i would like to enquiry how much are you selling your holbrook shaun white edition. and how do i go about on ordering this items from you?


    1. EnSEM! says:

      Hi. I believe the item you are looking for are in the “Holbrook” section. You can browse it and check it there? It’s available so SMS me on my cell? 91811929. Cheers.

  3. hello is $450 POLARIZED RADARLOCK™ PATHSKU# OO9181-20Color: Matte White/Grey Polarized & VR28 Black Iridium available for purchase? in singapore right now working.

    1. EnSEM! says:

      Yes it is available. Call me up! Cheers

  4. Hi, does Oakley M-Frame Sweep Black/Grey SKU# 09-101 come with prescription lens

    1. EnSEM! says:

      Hi. No it doesn’t. Best way is to use contacts.

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