Oakley Radarlock Path Photochromic SGD$450

OO9181-09 radarlock path photochromic $450
SGD$450 SKU#OO9181-09 Oakley RadarLock Path Photochromic

These are Oakley’s Photochromic lenses. Changes its levels of tinting when the lighting conditions changes. Made for pro level sports, it comes complete with vault case, extra nose pad and pouch. So what is so special with the RadarLock Photochromic? High definition optics coupled with high tech light intensity tuning. This is perfect for cyclists, and folks who are out in the sun the whole day and then some when it turns dark. The photochromic ability keeps you at peak performance throughout every type of conditions. Dawn run around Fort Canning? Check! Blasting afternoon sunlight range shooting at Rifle Range? check! Overcast sky tea time break at River Valley? Check! Rainy jog along Pit Building? Check! Night cycling time trial along Changi Coast Road? Check!

One shade to do it all? Check! That’s what RadarLock Photochromic can do. Anything you want to do, any time you want to do it.  One lens as well? CHECK! Yes sirree!

  • Frame: Infrared SKU#OO9181-09
  • Lens: Clear Black Iridium Photochromic Vented
  • Delivery: Singapore
  • International Delivery available.
  • Price: SGD$450


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