Oakley Airwave Snow

Oh My God… Now bring this onto the cycling world please Oakley…

Oakley Airwave Snow

Just imagine this on an Oakley RadarLock and a display… wait a minute, I think Google’s got something like that already… Ahem… now where were we… That display at the bottom will be just perfect for cyclists feeding a data stream of speed, cadence, power output, gps directions and oh yes, messages from the team manager. Get the form factor to be light enough, and getting rid of current clumsy and aerodynamic-robbing gps hanging off handle bars and we’ve got a winner here. And Oakley, please don’t connect it to an iPhone for cyclists because right now, iPhone battery life does not cover a 5 hour ride with GPS, Bluetooth, etc. activated.

Now pray hard this comes to us Mr Santa… pretty pretty please….


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