Oakley Frogskins

  • BUY NOW! Call/SMS +65 9181 1929 or
  • email: wongkinleong@gmail.com
  • All Oakley sunglasses sold here are BRAND NEW c/w all items in original packaging.

The Frogskins are retro cool but with lenses built for the 21st Century. Full 100% UV protection, shatterproof impact protection and high definition optics puts the technology into style for your eyes. With Frogskins, the Singapore afternoon sun has no chance.

Frogskins are produced with an awesome variety to choose from. It comes with various color frames and lens tints, with signature series like Valentino Rossi Frogskins, limited editions like Aquatique Collection or the Collector editions.


In pop culture, it was a time like no other. Ronald Reagan was in the White House, “The Terminator” was in the box office and Run-D.M.C. was in certified gold. It was also the time when Oakley created one-of-a-kind sunglasses called Frogskins®. We resurrected the original tooling from the early ’80s giving you a chance to own a piece of history.


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