Oakley Mark Cavendish Signature Series RadarLock™ Path


Just brought in a few sets of Oakley Mark Cavendish RadarLock SKU#OO9181-15, and here’s a short review. Do note that RadarLock Path are great for road cycling but if you are into aero Time Trial/Triathlon cycling, the frame might obscure your front view depending on your personal bike fitting in the aero position. Oakley has RadarLock XL to address this problem. Do trial these frames before purchasing.


First off, this frame comes 95% identical to every other RadarLock Path other than lens tint, a “cavendish” laser-etched logo at the corner of the lens, specialized frame color, “Cavendish” microfibre pouch and a free Oakley “Cavendish” branded headgear pictured below.


Wrap style. Single piece lens. Vented with iridium coating. Detachable, foldable frame with easy lockable lens removal/changing system. Optional lens available for purchase. Three point face mount system with capability for rearward hooking straps not included in kit. Mount system are made of Oakley proprietary unobtainium material with replacement kits available. Kit comes with an extra black nosepad.


Here’s the color specifications that makes Mark Cavendish RadarLock’s distinct:

Frame Color:

  • Metallic Green with silver accents. (Metallic green is speckled with metallic flakes)
  • Black unobtainium earsock and nosepad installed.

Lens tint:

  • Primary: Jade Iridium (laser-etched “Cavendish” logo)
  • Secondary:  G40 Iridium Vented (included in case)


Weight: 29.5g (same as other RadarLock’s)

Frame dimensions are identical to all RadarLock Path hence fit is identical.

SKU# OO9181-15 Color: Metallic Green/Jade Iridium Vented & G40 Iridium Vented


This is the first RadarLock for Mark Cavendish and is painted to reflect his win of the green points jersey of Tour de France. The paint is metallic green with speckled chrome flakes by the way and looks awesome in the sun. Mark Cavendish being one of the fastest sprinter in the peloton, chose RadarLock’s for its seamless fit to both the face and the helmet, making it both comfortable and aerodynamic enough for the fastest man on two wheels. The Jade Iridium vented lens are rated for bright sun while improving visual contrast and depth perception, perfect for riding slipstream a hairline behind another rider, grabbing positions from the competition, choosing the perfect racing line down a mountain or stomping inch-perfect sprints to the finishing line.


The lens comes with a special laser-etched “cavendish” logo, making this instantly collectible. Also, a Oakley/Cavendish logo cycling cap from Rapha is included.


Wearing these frames, immediately, you will notice the quality of the frames sitting on your face. It sticks to you and feels light and comfortable. Once you are in the sun, the jade iridium lenses cuts out a lot of Singapore sunlight, but does not darken the shadows. It works as the lens darkens the bright sun and lowers its intensity, causing your iris to open up and letting more light from the shadows to enter your eye.

It makes light intensity homogeneous from bright sun and darker shadows so your eyes do not need to have a tight apertured iris to deal with the sunlight. Its amazing as you can see everything and there is no need to squint any more. Also, the lens sharpens up details, giving clarity of what lies ahead. And once the light intensity lowers, either on a morning or evening ride, pop in the G40 Iridium and keep on riding.

As like all other RadarLock’s, once you slide this on your face and it fits the first time round, you will forget that you are even wearing them. This is important when cycling as you do not want to be distracted by your equipment. It should work. Full stop. Fumbling, or thinking of anything other than the task at hand can be disastrous.

Falling down, or being hit by vehicles is not an option. One thing that I usually do is make sure the helmet, and the sunglasses work in tandem by checking that it both fits before buying anything. Bring your sunglasses along when you next buy a new helmet, and vice versa.

And one more thing, new sunglasses might feel slightly off and ill-fitting at first, but wear it over sometime and slowly, it takes your shape and feels second nature. Its like prescription glasses, in the first two weeks, you walk around feeling awkward, but after normalization, you hardly think there’s anything in front of your eyes. So I reckon the same  with these RadarLock’s, as long as it fits 98-99% of the way, you will grow accustomed to it. Just wear it around the house the first few days. (Yes, it will look funny… but hey, its your house)

If you want to try out RadarLock’s or have questions regarding this review, contact me and I’ll get back to you ASAP. Cheers!


Mark Cavendish RadarLock in different lenses


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