Oakley Garage Rock Review

Here’s a quick review on Oakley Garage Rock. What is it? Category: Lifestyle Sunglass. Frame construction: Twin lens, unibody plastic frame with integrated sculpted non-adjustable nosepiece and non-adjustable foldable earstems. Celebrity Status: Sebastian Loeb, Valentino Rossi, Fernando Alonso, Romain Grosjean, Elena Paparizoy, Ryan Sheckler, Kolohe Andino, Shaun White And the quick review: Fit: It fits. Like no other….


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Oakley Shaun White Signature Series Garage Rock

Sun? What sun? No worries when you have these gold bling on. Its Oakley Shaun White Signature Series Garage Rock. Looking great and all bling. Looking like a million dollars and still stylish. Looking… you get what I mean. The lenses are polarized too, not just gold iridium coated. That means the sun have no…

Oakley Original Vault Cases

When you travel a lot and need to pack everything up, you need these cases to move your Oakley around. Comes in different shapes, sizes, material, finishes and colors. BUY NOW! Call/SMS +65 9181 1929 email: wongkinleong@gmail.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wongkinleong All Oakley accessories sold here are BRAND NEW c/w all items in original packaging. by Wong Kin Leong, eduKate Tuition…

Oakley Ducati Polarized Garage Rock.

Two world-class, hardcore, take-no-prisoners manufacturer coming together on a project and the outcome? Uncompromising, high tech, years ahead of the competition in concept, design and engineering. That’s what the Oakley Ducati Polarized Garage Rock is. Go nuts, push those G’s, torture it to a fraction of its limit and you probably stop first before it…

Oakley Ryan Sheckler Signature Series Garage Rock

Wow. I totally underestimated how nice this piece is. From photos that Oakley released, it looks slightly dull but in the flesh, oh my gosh… its really really good looking. Matte Black, with dark green accents, Ryan Sheckler Garage Rock color combination is just sublime. And photos just don’t do it justice. Especially when you…

Oakley Garage Rock

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