Oakley Ducati Polarized Garage Rock.

Two world-class, hardcore, take-no-prisoners manufacturer coming together on a project and the outcome? Uncompromising, high tech, years ahead of the competition in concept, design and engineering. That’s what the Oakley Ducati Polarized Garage Rock is. Go nuts, push those G’s, torture it to a fraction of its limit and you probably stop first before it even breaks into a sweat. Safety not only in vision, but also in its shatterproof construction. These polarized puppies makes hd vision a reality, and keeps your eyes from dust and stones. Awesome on the road and stylish too. One shade to conquer all. And that Ducati Red accents just makes it so hot!

Leathers on your back, a Ducati between your legs, strap yourself up, and snuggle the Garage Rock onto your face, did I mention that the red accent is Ducati Red? Yes? It does it’s job, and does it pretty damn well. That’s how life feels like hugging the road and seeing everything in HD.

  • BUY NOW! Call/SMS +65 9181 1929
  • email: wongkinleong@gmail.com
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wongkinleong
  • All Oakley sunglasses sold here are BRAND NEW c/w all items in original packaging.


  • SKU# OO9175-12
  • Color: Polished Black/Grey Polarized

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