Oakley Shaun White Signature Series Holbrook

This series is just breathtaking. Holbrooks are an all time favourite cool design. Fits like a glove and just this timeless beauty that looks downright sick. Add to it a Signature Series that is actually named after the designer of Holbrooks, and he just happen to be an Olympic Gold medalist too, its a winning formula. That’s where you see Gold all over. Gold “O” logo and Gold lenses, its just simply smashing.

Now I don’t have to talk about the Holbrooks for fit, or quality, as its famous enough so lets talk about what are the differences in the three popular Holbrooks in the Shaun White Signature Series.

First off, the one that has a sister Garage Rock piece. The turtleshell, bling, and simply luxurious Holbrook Shaun White. You can see that its maxed out gold for this piece. Anything that is metal is covered in gold and also the lens too. SKU# OO9102-34

Then there is the black, solid looking, wear anything, go anywhere, do anything, and gosh, it looks just fantastic. Again, every metal surface is gold plus the lens, the SKU# OO9102-08

and then up the ante, come on down, stand on the plate, polarized version. The super unique finish found on this is just special for an Oakley. It features a pure white frost looking matte clear SKU# OO9102-42.


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