How Vanessa Hudgens made Oakley’s cool for the beach…

Did you check out my celebrities who wears Oakley‘s page? There’s some photos of Vanessa Hudgens in Bali doing an Oakley surf promo. I decided to upload it since I thought she looked awesome in those Frogskins, and suddenly, I had an increase in sales for Frogskins.

Vanessa Hudgens on the yacht

Wow! The pictures showed Vanessa in her bikini and totally flaunting those Frogskins in Bali. And out of nowhere, Frogskins and beaches for girls are all the rage. Its all cool and surf’s up with her behind those shades. Of course you have lots of female celebs with Frogskins before that promo, like Liv Tyler, Jessica Alba, Rihanna, Kirsten Dunst and Scarlett Johansson. That’s a lot of A-listers there wearing Oakley’s… But they were sort of just walking around doing their thing.
The thing is, and this is just why this could be working, Vanessa did it the fun way… going where Frogskins should be spotted… the BEACH! So how did she do it?
First, get ’em shades on! Secondly, get on down to the beach. Thirdly, slap on your favourite bikini. Lastly, and most importantly, have fun!!! I reckon no point looking smashing without splashing in loads of fun.
That’s the whole point of sunglasses isn’t it? Here’s more photos of Vanessa for those that can’t get enough of her…

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